The Truth About “THA DRAGON”

I only started calling myself “THA DRAGON” because JSP was too few letters for social media usernames and because a hand full of idiots, who don’t even really get down like that started uploading random music to Spotify, iTunes, etc. under than name JSP or some variation and every time I distributed my music it would get mixed together with anyone else using JSP.

As a lifelong pyromaniac, I’ve always had a high tolerance for fire (Heat) pain and strangely, an abnormal affliction to ice (cold) pain and with the exception of my first rap name “Young Holliday”, a tribute to Val Kilmer’s role as John Henry “Doc” Holliday in the movie Tombstone (One of my all time favorite characters) all of my other rap names have been fire related.

JSP is short for Joseph SParks, I shortened it years ago and in hindsight, I wish I had just re-lengthened it when I ran into that social media/Spotify issue but I didn’t…I added the “THA DRAGON”.

Truth is, I don’t like it but I didn’t care to spend too much time to figure out a new name so I just ran with the first thing that popped into my head, I have always been fond of the idea of dragons so it was no surprise to me that – that was my first thought.

The mythology of Dragons is not all about fire breathing flying serpents, as most of you probably think. There are many different types of dragons for example The Shen-Lung Dragon or “Spirit Dragon”. According to Chinese mythology, it is the master of storms, an azure-scaled dragon that governs the wind, rain, and clouds, on which all agricultural businesses depend on. The Chinese believed that if the Shen-Lung was offended or neglected, it could cause drought, floods, or thunderstorms as a consequence. The Shen-Lung is a wingless dragon, more like a serpent than most other dragons. Also, the Shen-Lung signifies a special ranking among Chinese Emperors.

Another example is the “Biblical Dragon”. The book of Revelations mentions a dragon in verses 12, 13, 16, and 20. The Bible does not imply that dragons are real as much as just describing the fallen angel Lucifer, now Satan, as a fire breathing monster. The Bible also mentions two other dragon-like creatures when it talks about the Leviathan and the Behemoth.

Point being, with all I know about Dragons and of course my pyromania, I feel as though my personality relates to that of a dragon. For instance, the Shen-Lung Dragon, as mentioned above, seems to be very helpful, peaceful, dare I say kind but if offended could unleash hell. Something I can relate to, more than I’d like to admit.

The Self Hating False Equivalence Of “Woke” Black People

Statements like this always forget that we live in a country where “They” do everything they can to sabotage progress in our community.

Statements like this always forget WE have worked for our own and built our own communities, the difference between us and the Mexicans and any other group of people is, the white man doesn’t show up, kill as many as they can and burn shit to the ground. Every time, literally every single time we progressed toward economic stability, they destroyed it.

A man in this conversation asked me “so should we just not try?

Which brings me to another issue. WE DO TRY!! Black people that don’t know any better just talk like we don’t. Any example of a black person that lives below our standard as a community has a direct tie to white supremacy. I understand that every individual has to be accountable but with everything that has been set against us, I can understand that we have quite a few falling behind but the things that black people as a whole have accomplished are unrivaled and we have the most opposition.

Black people are amazing, period.

She is not wrong but she is not right either. Statements like this always forget that Mexicans can come to this country and work for anything because African people built it…for nothing.