Tirade Of A New Slave

By Joseph J Washington

How long are you going to sell yourself short?

How long will you sell your soul for cheap?

How long will you allow yourselves to be the premier minds of great invention and somehow allow others to discourage you from success?

How long will you allow being faster and stronger equate to you working harder and longer?

How long will you squander your beautiful psalms?

And allow your songs to be held in the palms of a deceitful monster

Those who don’t create but just pillage and conquer

We are slaves still


For we, is all we can be

A collective burden, heavy as the tides of the sea

We strive while deprived, by lies and deceit

Our eyes are closed, and our minds are sleep

As we pray to the lord our souls to keep

No mountain is too high, no valley, to steep

We are sheep

Just as the bible told us we’d be

But don’t you see

This world was built with our hands

So at what point does a black boy get the respect of a man

Or little black girl allowed to live without a brand

Can she keep her daddy or is too pivotal to the plan

To convince our women that all they have is the white man

The white mans home of the so called brave and the free

But when absolute power corrupts, how much braver is he

Then, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, or Brother Huey P

Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, DuBois W.E.B.

Then, Malcolm X, Ella Baker, and Martim Luther King

They fought for the people, among other things

Some died for us, while we allow ourselves to remain cuffed

Defeated and broken and attached to the strings

We are far more equipped than aforementioned few

Yet far less likely to acknowledge what we must do

We cannot assimilate, integration is a lie

Will we really settle for crumbs when it was us that cooked the pie

I have only come to this recently, but for my part, i’d rather die

Then to abdicate my duty and fail because i did not try

She Is A Teacher

My cousin is a passionate teacher and I love her. This poem wasn’t supposed to be a poem but I wrote it for her.

Lately I’ve been trying to do my —always half assed, version of a podcast and I wanted to speak on the Steelers/Browns controversy but it’s late, I’m at my brother’s house, and I didn’t want to make too much noise recording so I decided to take notes on it so I could do it tomorrow.

It’s a race thing, —go figure and if you paid any attention to me before this post, then you should know I have a passion for the subject of Pan-Afrikanism.

When I go into my “tirade of a new slave”, I always try to consider my white friends. Not because I care about their feelings, but because my genuine affection for the white people I have allowed into my life is the Yin to my Yang, when it comes to how unbearably furious I am about how black people are treated in this world.

Anyway, I considered one friend in particular because of all my friends, white or otherwise, we seem to be the furthest apart on the subject of race.

I imagined for a moment talking about him, trying to explain him to people and then —in a moment of ADD, I began to imagine explaining why I referred to him as a professional fighter when speaking about him…keep in mind, I’m talking to myself.

And the answer to why I would refer to him as a professional, when as far as I know he is not or even wants to be, is simple.

He is my friend, I love him, I know him, so I have seen how dedicated he is to Mixed Martial Arts and as far as I’m concerned that earns him the respect of a professional.

When considering that thought further, I thought of my cousin.

She posted something recently that spoke of admiration from a very profound perspective, and it inspired me to share my thoughts. My one thought was how I deeply admired her…and I told her so.

She is arguably the most dedicated person I think I have ever seen. Better than that, she is a teacher and there couldn’t be a more noble place to house passionate dedication.

Then I thought to do a podcast episode on my cousin, talking about her and the importance of good teachers. However, it’s still late, I’m still at my brother’s house and I still don’t want to make too much noise.

So I began writing notes on that possible episode of my podcast. The first bullet point I wrote down read, “She is trying to tell the story of all the stories she has heard”.

Thing is…I hate writing notes. Ever since grade school. I didn’t do it then, I don’t do it now, not even for my podcast. —which you will hear me say many times during my actual podcast.

Which brings me to my point as I try to explain the genesis of this poem. After writing that first line, I said to myself “I don’t feel like writing anymore notes…fuck it, this is going to be a poem”. And a short one at that because I haven’t wrote a poem that wasn’t a rap lyric in a long time, and I didn’t feel like doing that either…and so, the five or so sentences below.


She is trying to tell the story

of all the stories she has heard

Not the might of God’s and men

but the power of the word

What word?…any word

If you really must know

Words only ever kill

or make minds grow

She is a teacher.

-Joseph J Washington

Who Is Joseph J Washington?

The short answer is: Joseph J Washington aka JSP Tha Dragon (Born 7 February 1986) is an American Composer, Writer, And Visual Artist. He was born in San Diego, California But now has been based in Arizona since 2011…

…But, I’m afraid it is a bit more complicated than that.

Most people, from the outside looking in would say that I was born with nothing. I would say, being born without means is not exactly the same as being born with nothing. It’s true I was born without a Father, it is also true that i was born into poverty. However, as I see it, I was BORN. I was given the gift of life. My mind was without defect and my limbs were without impairment. I was born to an extraordinary women. I was born with many gifts and the courage to cultivate and use those gifts. As i see it, I have been more fortunate than quite a few.

I was conceived by Belinda Ann Davis (R.I.P. 08/04/18) and Joseph Benjamin Washington II. I was born Joseph Jordan Washington, in San Diego, California. My dad left before I was born, so growing up it was just me, my mom, and my older sister. My grandparents Howard and Lorraine Davis had 8 children including my mother, 5 boys and 3 girls. Their children gave birth to many children, which provided me with many cousins and therefore a huge family.

For a time my mother gave me to my father’s mother, Ruth (R.I.P.) because she couldn’t afford to take care of me. I was maybe 4 years old, and the short time I spent living with her was the best time of my life. I fell in love with film while I was living with her, as she had an extensive movie collection, numbered and color coded, and organized beautifully. We watched movies like “Crybaby” Starring Johnny Depp and “Pretty Woman” which ignited my boyhood crush on Julia Roberts, and of course the movie of all movies, at least for my era, “Dirty Dancing” starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray.

My mother eventually came back for me and from that point on, life…was a nightmare. We lived in poverty for the most part, me and my mother were even homeless for a time. Resources were paper thin and being that my sister was a problem child, there was an inequity in distribution of those resources in her favor and at my expense. I never complained, I never cried, or even questioned why, like with most things I just took it in stride. At 8 years old I became aware I was the man of the house, when my mother came home from work to find my sister had ran away, yet again. She collapsed in the kitchen, having some version of a nervous breakdown and i was the only one there, unfairly left with the huge responsibility of comforting her. From that point on, I knew it was up to me to tip the scale back toward the other direction in an effort give my mother the support she needed to maintain some sense of balance through such turbulent times.

When I was 10 years old, my mother inexplicably locked me in her 1992 Honda Prelude and forced me to listen to Jay-Z’s 1996 debut “Reasonable Doubt” from beginning to end. When I got out of that car, while still shocked and confused, I had fallen in love with hip hop and knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be an emcee (Master Of Ceremony). Before I could even begin to build my foundation as an artist, my sister started rapping, seemingly out of nowhere. My sisters evolution helped me grow rapidly as an artist and emcee, as I wasn’t going to let a girl who was already an amazing vocal talent also be the best rapper in the family.

When I was 13 years old, I really came into my own as a lyricist. I was writing verses like there was no tomorrow and they were good verses too. I never went through a phase of writing bad material, unusable for one reason or another but never bad. I quickly realized that due to copyright law, I could not use all of the awesome music I had stole from other artist and their popular songs so I stopped writing. Since I couldn’t afford to buy music production and I couldn’t use music registered under copyright, my dream was crushed, right?…WRONG!

At this time I was going through what many call “Writers Block”. I couldn’t write a thing for months. So I downloaded the demo version of FL Studio and decided to try and see if I could figure this music production thing out. At least that way when I start writing again I might have some music of my very own to record over. Needless to say, I was a natural…I took to making digital music like a fish to water. Before I knew it I had at least fifty compositions that I was sure were original, which time proved to be true.

I also couldn’t afford to buy artwork so, again I tested myself to see if i could figure it out and sure enough i did. I never went to school, or had a mentor, or anyone to encourage me. I am 100% self educated and the very definition of “self made”. I started on this journey when i was 13 years old and i haven’t missed a day since. My goal in life is to live outside of conformity, by any means. I just simply disagree with the way things are done and i have chosen to go another way. I have made countless sacrifices to do what i want in life…to do what i love but, so far it was worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

So…My name is Joseph J Washington and I am a Composer, a Writer, a Songwriter, an Audio Engineer, and a Visual Artist. This is my website, where I hope to share my passion…with YOU.