RAYNMEN CHRONICLES are short stories based on characters of the main story RAYNMEN. RAYNMEN is a serial novel, to be released in parts, an episode at a time. Periodically between episodes I will release one of two types of character pieces, either RAYNMEN CHRONICLES or RAYNMEN ORIGINS. CHRONICLES will typically deal with the adventures of atleast two characters as the focus, ORIGINS are short stories that tell of an individual characters beginnings and how they became superhuman...Read More.

Twins At Different Ends: Eclypse & Raynfall


She descends out of the sky like a falling star and lands squarely between four trees in Sutton Woods. Just as her feet touch the surface, she moves swiftly. As a disturber of the peace, she is always on guard for an ambush. She is also looking for someone, but no one is there. She takes a moment to look up at the moon. It is twelve past midnight but the moon reflects brightly over the surface of the ground, and in that moment, looking up at the sky, she began to think of her family and all that she has lost.

Rayna Darwin, better known to her peers as Raynfall, has little patience and her contact is running late. Typically, Raynfall waits for no one and would have left immediately but with so much at stake, she dares not. She paces back and forth, gritting her teeth and complaining to herself about how little respect she gets from the world at large. Moments later she froze and went silent as the area around her became pitch black. She sighs deeply and from under her breathe says “Goddamn It!”

Raynfall: Is this necessary?!?

The darkness receded and the surroundings became bright once again, and out from the shadows came a young woman, dressed in all black, but had eyes as white as snow.

Eclypse: Jeez! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Raynfall: I don’t know, why don’t you ask her yourself…Are we doing this or not?

Eclypse: Patience, Little sister. We have plenty of time. I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. How are you?

Raynfall: Twelve minutes does not make me your little sister. It makes me your younger sister at best. The only reason I even concede to that is because we were born on different days.

Eclypse, also known as Elizabeth Darwin, likes to irritate her younger twin, even more so now then when they were children. Probably because it is the only way they communicate nowadays. As they have ended up on opposite sides of war, so has their relationship been challenged. Rayna is stubborn and resist sentiment but Elizabeth, though she doesn’t show it, is saddened by the split between herself and her sister and finds that irritating her is the only way to get her to engage and interact.

Elizabeth pulls an envelope out of her jacket and hands it to Rayna. Rayna then opens the envelope and finds several documents and a key inside. She examines the key and then began to read the documents. As her eyes wonder across the page, she becomes angry. Just as Elizabeth turns to return to the shadows, Rayna crumples the documents into her fist and follows her.

Raynfall: What the hell is this? This is not what we talked about.

Eclypse: There has been a change of plan. You will carry out this task instead and as promised, Dad will give you information on your precious water source.

Raynfall: Africa?!? I have to go to Africa?

Eclypse: Yes…Father figured he would have you replenish a water source before you bled another dry. The people in that country have a lake right in the center of their village, the lake has dried up, and he wants you to fix it. He figured instead of using you as an operative, he would instead allow you to do a good deed, even if it is being forced upon you.

Rayna throws a relatively mild tantrum, yelling and cursing as she rips the documents into as many small pieces as she can. Elizabeth looks at her as if disappointed and again turns to walk away. Rayna huffs and acts as though she doesn’t care about her sister’s judgement but, soon her expression softens and she calls out to her.

Raynfall; Eli! (E-lie)

Eclypse: What!

Raynfall: How is the old man, anyway?

Eclypse: I don’t know, why don’t you ask him yourself…Are you going to do this or not?

Before Rayna can respond, a bright light appears in an instant, blinding them both. Moments later, a team of at least two dozen men come running at them from all sides, armed with automatic rifles. They position themselves and hold both woman at gunpoint. Then another man wearing a suit steps out in front of the light and slowly walks toward them. All Elizabeth and Rayna can see is the outline of this man, as the light is too bright to see him clearly. He stops just a few feet away from them and what was just a shadowy figure becomes clear, and is recognized clearly by both women. Rayna immediately activated her power sending a thunderous bolt of lightning shooting through the clouds.

Eclypse: Rayna! Stop! There are too many bullets. We will die faster than we would heal if these guys decide to light us up.

Terry Kline, the man in the suit, gives Elizabeth a devilish grin and says, “Smart girl.” Then he instructs his men to bind them and put them both into the back of a black panel van, and they drive off.

About five minutes later a trail of fire can be seen dashing through Sutton Wood, right up to the spot where Elizabeth and Rayna were kidnapped. At the other end of this flame is Kenya King, also known as FyreFoxx. She is the fastest thing on two feet and can outrun anything with four. At top speed, she catches flame and omits a heat signature that could melt diamonds. Elizabeth secretly activated a tracking beacon as she and her twin were being whisked away and Kenya just happened to be lounging around at the Darwin’s home to see it go off. She immediately took flight and covered the three to four hundred miles in mere minutes.

FyreFoxx: (Talking to herself) Where did Elizabeth stash that damn motorcycle? Ahh…there it is!

Kenya mounts the motorcycle and follows the beacon. She doesn’t want to catch them too quickly which is why she is not running after them. She wants to follow the caravan all the way to wherever Terry Kline and his soldiers of fortune are taking them…

…Meanwhile in the back of the van, Eclypse and Raynfall discuss their impending doom.

Raynfall: I hate that fucking guy.

Eclypse: I think everyone does.

Raynfall: Well, the first chance I get, I’m going to do us all a favor and kill him.

Eclypse: No…you’re not.

Eclypse stares intently at Raynfall, looking for some sort of indication that her younger sister realizes how serious she is. Raynfall bows her head and just looks away. Eclypse accepts that as a response and wonders back into her own thoughts. In hindsight, she wishes she had worn her kitana. Eclypse usually carries two Japanese swords strapped to her back and believes, with how powerful her sister is, they may have had a fighting chance back in Sutton Wood, if only she was armed. Unlike many of the other victims of the FEONA project, Eclypse has rather mild abilities.

She is blind and her name derived from her ability to make everyone around her as blind as she is, she also can expand all her other senses to a hundred times that of a normal human being. In a technical sense, this allows her to see, whilst leaving everyone else in the dark.

Raynfall: Where do you think they are taking us?

Eclypse: Nowhere anyone deserves to end up (sighs) If Kline stays true to form we are probably on our way to a cage to become yet another one of his science experiments.

Raynfall: Oooookayyy! And why are you so against me putting him into a box?

Eclypse: Because I don’t fancy my sister becoming a murderer. More than that, because Terry Kline, however repugnant and incomprehensible, has a role to play in the fate of this world. We still know very little about why or how we have been given these extraordinary abilities and I feel as though Terry may be able to shed a great deal of light on the subject, if inspired to do so.

He is human so, he may die but I am certainly not going to let you kill him.

Rayna releases a loud sigh, folds her arms, throws her back up against the van wall, and begins to pout. At first Elizabeth, looks at her sister and shakes her head, baffled by her immaturity but then, she remembers another time her younger twin had that look on her face, and begins to laugh.

Raynfall: What the hell is so funny?

Eclypse: Remember when we were kids…and you were helping me count steps around the house so I could find my way around without help…and when we got to the basement door, I almost fell from the top of the steps. (laughs) but you came leaping out of nowhere and pushed me back and it ended up being you who fell twenty or more steps all the way to the floor. (Laughs Harder) That’s how you look right now…you were so angry.

Raynfall: You’re fucking blind…how the hell do you know that?

Eclypse: My blindness is relative, Rayna. Has been since I got my powers, anyway. I couldn’t control it back then but I was scared for you and my fear activated my powers. It allows me to see…barely, but enough to know you were furious, and enough to know that that is how you look right now. (Laughs)

Rayna fights the urge to be amused but eventually burst out into laughter, as they both reminisce on a childhood memory. She won’t admit it, not even to herself but Rayna would give anything to go back to that time. Especially now, while riding in the back of that cold dark van, she realizes this could very well be the last time she shares a laugh with her sister.

Raynfall: Eli? (E-lie) I’m scared.

Eclypse: Don’t worry, kid. I’m not going to let anything happen to you…I promise.

Suddenly, the van stopped. Elizabeth and Rayna look at each other intently, terrified. They both hear the men getting out of their vehicles, a cascade of doors open then shut. Then footsteps slowly moving through the dirt towards the back of the van. Rayna starts to panic and begins to glow, the sweat from her brow floats gracefully off her face to the van ceiling. She is not in full control of her abilities, as fear has overwhelmed her. Suddenly, the van begins to shake and her ultraviolet glow can now be seen by the men outside of the van. Immediately, they can hear the clacking of steel against steel as the men outside cock their weapons and Terry prepares to open the van doors.

Eclypse: Rayna! Wait! I hear something…It’s my queen!

The moment Rayna hears that, her powers simmer and she seems relieved. The men outside the van take a step back and readjust, as they don’t exactly know why the glow has disappeared or what it means for them.

Raynfall: Queen? your motorcycle?!? But how can you be hearing your motorcycle, we left it back in…Oh…Beacon?

Eclypse: Yep!

Raynfall: Who?!?

Elizabeth smiles big at her sister and replies “Foxx.” Rayna’s eyes light up with excitement, she smiles back at Elizabeth and says “This…is going to be good.” Then Terry whips open the van doors with two men at either side carrying assault rifles, and in an instant, a trail of fire zips past them taking one of the soldiers with it. The other soldier turns his attention away from the van and towards the open area, sidestepping to his left and trying to get his sight on whatever had attacked them. Before too long, another trail of fire zips past the other side of the van and takes off with the second soldier, as well. At this moment, Elizabeth and Rayna grab Terry Kline, pull him into the van, and close the doors. Elizabeth disarms him, while Rayna keeps him still by threatening him with a lightning bolt from her hand.

Rayna is enraged and considers killing Terry right then and there. Elizabeth sees this and points the gun at Terry. Then they both hear a hail of gunfire right outside the van.

Eclypse: Rayna! Go help Foxx!

Raynfall: She is fine. Plus, me and Mr. Kline have un…finished…business.

Rayna raises her hand as if she is about to strike but Elizabeth grabs hold of her wrist and yells “Rayna! Go…help…Kenya!”

Rayna looks at her briefly with fury in her eyes and that ultraviolet glow, again covering her whole body. Then she goes bursting out of the van taking the doors right off the hinges and ascends into the sky. She stops mid-air and starts to throw lightning at the enemies below. She is still very angry and it is affecting her aim. One of her bolts cuts off Kenya’s path as she was just about to attack a hand full of soldiers. The destructive power of the bolt as it hits the ground sends Kenya flying and her body slams into the side of the van, which simultaneously throws Elizabeth against the other side of the wall, on the inside of the van. The impact made her drop the gun and Terry took advantage.

Terry picks up the gun and prepares to squeeze the trigger but just before he did Elizabeth’s eyes went from a bright white to a deep black. Her ability blinded Terry, Kenya, Rayna, and all the soldiers outside. Terry finally pulls the trigger but misses Elizabeth’s head by mere inches. Elizabeth moves to her right just enough for the bullet to miss her and while crouched, throws a kick to Terry’s jawline that knocks him out cold. She then jumps out of the van to go check on Kenya. She helps Kenya to her feet and points her body at the remaining line of soldiers trying to shoot Rayna out of the sky.

Eclypse: Okay Foxx, they are right in front of you…I know you can’t see anything but neither can they. They are sitting ducks, trust me.

FyreFoxx: Okay…I got this. You might want to stand back.

It is pitch black because of Elizabeth’s gift. No one can see a thing. Elizabeth stands back and yells “GO!” and Kenya takes off. With every step, more and more flames consume Kenya’s body. If anyone could see it, all they would see is the brightest orange and red illumination darting across the dirt. Magnificent like the northern aurora, hot like a thousand suns. She makes contact with the first soldier and then one by one sends them all flying like ragdolls. Each one engulfed by their own personal flame, crashing into cars, walls, or just going up and coming back down to the ground. Afterward she stops on a dime but falls to the ground, she is still wounded from suffering the wrath of one of Rayna’s lightning bolts. Elizabeth runs to her, falls to the ground and gathers Kenya’s upper body into her arms. Then Rayna slowly floats back to ground right beside them.

Eclypse: You see what you did?!?

Raynafall: Relax, she’ll be fine.

FyreFoxx: (Gasping) Yeah, I will…and when I am, I’m going to take one those thunderbolts and shove it up your ass.

Raynfall: Don’t kid yourself…I’m water, you’re fire. I think I win that fight every time.

Eclypse: (To Rayna) Africa! Now!

Raynfall: I wasn’t planning on leaving until this afternoon.

Eclypse: (Crying/Screaming) Just Get The Hell Outta Here!! NOW!!

Rayna looks at her sister as if she has been betrayed, as if she cared more for Kenya then her own flesh and blood. She once again looks enraged and begins to glow, tears start streaming down her face, then it begins to rain as thunder booms through the clouds. Then in an instant, Rayna shoots off into the sky and flies away.

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Denzel Washington On Playing Iconic African American Figures – AFI 2019

Denzel Washington has been nominated for an award a staggering 96 times, so far.

His win percentage is well over .300 as he has taken home an impressive 39 awards. Including 2 Academy Awards, 3 Golden Globes, 1 SAG Award, and 1 Tony Award. Also well known for his Stage & Television resume, he has done over 47 Films. Below are some of my personal favorites.

Washington is a devout Christian, and has considered becoming a preacher. He stated in 1999, “A part of me still says, ‘Maybe, Denzel, you’re supposed to preach. Maybe you’re still compromising.’ I’ve had an opportunity to play great men and, through their words, to preach. I take what talent I’ve been given seriously, and I want to use it for good.” In 1995, he donated US$2.5 million to help build the new West Angeles Church of God in Christ facility in Los Angeles. Washington says he reads the Bible daily.

Washington has served as the national spokesperson for Boys & Girls Clubs of America since 199 and has appeared in public service announcements and awareness campaigns for the organization. In addition, he has served as a board member for Boys & Girls Clubs of America since 1995. Due to his philanthropic work with the Boys & Girls Club, PS 17X, a New York City Elementary School decided to officially name their school after Washington.

In mid-2004, Washington visited Brooke Army Medical Center(BAMC) at Fort Sam Houston, where he participated in a Purple Heart ceremony, presenting medals to three Army soldiers recovering from wounds they received while stationed in Iraq. He also visited the fort’s Fisher House facilities, and after learning that it had exceeded its capacity, made a substantial donation to the Fisher House Foundation. Washington’s other charitable contributions include US$1 million to Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund in 1995[56] and US$1 million to Wiley College to resuscitate the college’s debate team.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia named Washington as one of three people (the others being directors Oliver Stone and Michael Moore) with whom they were willing to negotiate for the release of three defense contractors the group had held captive from 2003 to 2008.

On May 18, 1991, Washington was awarded an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Fordham University, for having “impressively succeeded in exploring the edge of his multifaceted talent”. In 2011, he donated $2 million to Fordham for an endowed chair of the theater department, as well as US$250,000 to establish a theater-specific scholarship at the school. He also received an honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Morehouse College on May 20, 2007, and an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania on May 16, 2011.