I asked a few of my clients if they could do me a favor. I asked them to film a testimonial about working with me or how they felt about my services. I specifically stated that all i needed was there name, city/state, and to speak briefly about what ever service I provided for them. I explain all this because what i got back from them was far more than I expected in most cases and I want you to know, that these are actual clients (most of whom i have never met) and I gave no coaching what so ever on what to say or how to say it. Their enthusiasm touched my soul. Listen.

My hope is that making these trailers will generate interest in my music but I also hope that I may be able to introduce my readers to great movies I love and that they might actually watch them and maybe love them too.

I know it’s a long shot but here is my composition “A Warriors Prayer” alongside visuals from one of my many favorite films “Kiss The Girls” starring Morgan Freeman & Ashley Judd. A film based on a novel by James Patterson.