Beauty & The Beast

By J.W. Jordan

I refer to the earth as feminine

I refer to Africa as feminine

I do not refer to God as feminine

But I am more than okay with the idea

That GOD just may be female

Almost anything that is

of the upmost importance is Female

So when a women complains

About the standard of a women’s character

I submit men had almost nothing to do with it

I submit that the female set that standard for herself

And men, as clumsy as they be

Are simply trying to hold them to it

But who is a beast to judge a flower

If GOD is female, the devil is certainly a man

Jealous of the unwavering admiration

The self deprecating subjugation of such a marvelous being

The goddess we know here on earth has lost her way

She has abandoned her seat, thrown and crown

Struck down by the desire to be free from the hearty standard of sensibility

The female North Star has moved West

And in kind, the male South Pole has moved East

The balance must be maintained even in this ridiculous new configuration

Navigation to honor is improbable for a man

Without his North Star

The ways of this world has become more wicked

The desires of both men and women have become unnatural

A mockery of their former selves from the one who brings life and the other who protects it