What Women Have Learned From “WAP”

This post is my response to a Facebook post that itemized all the things women learned from Cardi B’s “WAP”…which is to say, nothing…nothing at all.

Because of WAP we have learned:

That a lot of women believe that: 27 year old Cardi B is worth over 8 million, married, is an amazing mother yet men hate her.

The reality is: Cardi B influences women with a lifestyle that will never make them 8 million dollars, be married, or be amazing mother’s, she profits off teaching women to degrade themselves. It’s curious women don’t hate her and that it’s men speaking up against this.

That a lot of women believe that: 25 year old Meg Thee Stallion is worth over 3 million, educated Af, a Woman’s motivator yet men hate her.

The reality is: The same as Cardi B and from what I’ve seen “Educated” is not how she presents herself, like myself, most of her fans probably don’t know she is “Educated AF”, if that is even true and as far as I can tell all she motivates women to do is be savages like her #1 song says.

That a lot of women believe that: Men hate women who love to party, but hate going to parties with no women.

The reality is: This likely true for men who like to party and they like to party because the environment presents their best chance to get laid which wouldn’t be possible without females who listen to Cardi B and Meg. For my part, I don’t like to party, so not do I like women who like to party because as I said the environment and behavior is usually without boundary.

That a lot of women believe that: Men hate women who have sex yet want to have sex with women.

The reality is: Whoever wrote this statement is an idiot. Men don’t hate women who have sex. Men hate women who weaponize it. Which is also perpetuated by songs like “WAP”.

That a lot of women believe that: Men HATE independent women yet hate for they own woman to be dependent on them.

The reality is: This one is true…for suckas. For real men, a woman’s dependence on him means nothing if she was not first independent. Real men need for their women to be dependent to some degree because men have to be independent, it’s not a choice for us like it is for women, thus creating a need for men to feel useful in relationships. If you don’t need me for anything, I might begin to question the purpose of the monogamous relationship because I was built and trained to not need anyone so like in simple math, the two cancel each other out.

That a lot of women believe that: Men hate women who dress provocatively, yet cheat with women who wear HOE shit.

The reality is: Men don’t hate but disapprove of women who dress provocatively. Men cheat with women who do because it’s not likely that a women who conducts herself as such, would cheat with a man who is coupled, nor does she look like the type to approach for easy, quick, or scandalous sex, which is only type of sex you can have if you’re cheating yet plan to return to your partner. That’s where the Cardi B and Meg fans come in for weak men who cheat.

That a lot of women believe that: Men HATE with a passion women buying whole houses and cars with OnlyFans yet they are the MAIN CONSUMERS😒

The reality is: I can’t really speak intelligently about this statement and therefore cannot refute it. We’ll say that it’s true as I know nothing of this particular portion of the population. GOD be with them.

The original poster said, “Make it make sense” and I believe I just did. You’re welcome.

What is your opinion of this?

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