Welcome to JosephJWashington.com 🌺 Best piece of marketing advice I ever got was to buy a dotcom in your own name and own your identity on the Internet. That explains why the site is named as it is, because that is my name. Joseph Jordan Washington. Pleased to have you visit my site. Thank You.

Who I Am

I am a Music Composer, Writer, Songwriter, and Visual Artist. I have been practicing within these spaces for more than twenty years. I am originally from San Diego, California, currently a resident of the state of Arizona.

My Mission

My goal is to help those who may need one or more of my skills to bring about a desired outcome within their own goals. To share and otherwise sale my skills to people that have a vision that one or more of my skills could bring to life. Ultimately, I want to provide a safe space for people to come and know that they can trust, not only the person doing the work but the work itself.

I know what it means to be without a crucial piece of a puzzle that can be a beautiful and profitable masterpiece, if only I had I could finish it. I began my journey toward my dream when i was just 13 years old. Missing pieces were the story of my young life, which is why I buckled down and literally taught myself all of the skills I now offer to you. It would be my pleasure to give you your missing pieces.

General Services

•Music Licensing • Content Creation • Songwriting • Logo Creation • Copy Writing • Ad Creation • Photo Paintings • Creative Coaching • and more.

I offer services under a few different names, one of which is Eyedea Creative Studio. Most notable services are the Photo Painting & General Social Media Content Creation. Visit Eyedea Creative Studio for examples of my work. Follow me to stay up to date.

A Piece Not Apart covers all writing services as well as design services like Book Cover Design, and Promotional Content. Visit A Piece Not Apart for examples. Follow to stay up to date.

JSP THA DRAGON is covers all music services such has Music Composition, Music Licensing, Creative Coaching, and more. Visit JSP THA DRAGON for examples. Follow to stay up to date.